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20-20 Public Relations

PRagmatic – PRoductive – PRincipled – PRogressive – PRoactive – PRoportional

Wan Long is a Chinese billionaire businessman, the chairman and CEO of WH Group, the world’s largest pork company. He once explained his entire business thus: “What I do is kill pigs and sell meat.”

Simple messaging is what we do.

When you hire 2020PR, we spend time getting to know your brand, stakeholders, advocates, users, fans and critics. Sometimes, that insight will be supported by your own research which  supports our newly acquired knowledge. Once we have grasped just how unique your product or services are, and come to understand your principles, values and company culture, we will advise you on what the best Message is and how we’re going to deliver it strategically.

We try hard not to use jargon and acronyms – because our philosophy is simple. Your company’s message is all.

Perhaps that’s the reason why our Clients stay with us almost three times longer than the national average – because they are reassured that we always give them the best advice possible, based on our experience, common sense and uncomplicated approach to providing you with a measurable ROI and better brand recognition.

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people – Leo Burnett

© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018

At 2020, our entire focus is on the creation of intelligent, effective, and captivating work that informs and is remembered.


We aspire to ensure that our ideas are so good that every message on every platform has a lasting, positive impact on your brand’s DNA, your reputation, your stakeholders’ perceptions and, of course, your bottom line.


And always, we believe less is more because, at 2020, effective communications are neither difficult nor complex.


The problem is that we attempt to solve the simplest questions cleverly, thereby rendering them unusually complex. One should seek the simple solution. Anton Chekov


© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018

… work to make your voice heard by every one of your stakeholders. We will work to make your reputation grow. We will work to create advocates for you and your brand and we will be relentless in ensuring that whatever you do, you are seen to be doing it as honestly, ethically and sustainably as you can. With 2020PR we will see that your brand DNA is safe.


We Define

  • Your ideas
  • Your messages
  • Your strategies
  • Your objectives

We Connect

  • Your supporters
  • Your customers
  • Your employees
  • Your advocates

We Influence

  • Your stakeholders
  • Your opinion formers
  • Your communities
  • Your environment

We Protect

  • Your interests
  • Your brand
  • Your reputation
  • Your future


Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. – Steve Jobs

© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018


These are just some of the projects we have worked on in recent times

  • Oakman Inns' Navigation Inn at Cosgrove



    Layer 1


    Category: Hospitality

    We have worked with Oakman Inns from the launch of The Blue Boar in Witney (the fifth in their outstanding collection of pubs, hotels, and restaurants) and have advised on and provided strategic communications across the entire range of PR services. The Oakman Inns collection now numbers 24 of England’s nicest, most welcoming, relaxing and fun pubs that consistently provide high standards of service, great food, wonderful drinks whilst – most importantly – never losing sight of the communities they serve.

    Their latest opening is The Royal Foresters in Ascot which which opened in July 2018.

    Time Lapse – The Royal Foresters in Ascot from Oakman Stories on Vimeo.

  • B2B Partner Support

    B2B, Office Equipment

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    B2B Partner Support

    Category: B2B, Office Equipment

    2020PR provided UTAX (UK) Ltd, one of the UK’s largest print management dealer networks, with proactive and reactive support across the Dealer & Reseller media network as well as developing various local and national CSR activities – from the creation of a local business network, to the provision of free printing services to community events . We provide valuable public and industry-wide recognition of the expertise and levels of training of the UTAX partners as well as increasing awareness of the work of the partners who are providing smart, client-focused software solutions.

  • Red Rum: 40th Anniversary Br...


    Layer 1

    Red Rum: 40th Anniversary Bronze Limited Edition

    Category: Art

    We were asked by Philip Blacker to promote a 40th Anniversary Bronze Limited Edition of his iconic Red Rum statue. Probably Britain’s greatest Equestrian Sculptor, Philip’s work adorns dozens of racecourses, studs and equestrian centres around the world. His first public life-size work of Red Rum is possibly one of the most well know equestrian statues in the UK, due to Philip’s capture of the essence of this extraordinary Grand National hero.

  • Launch of the finest 3D Orth...

    Medical Devices

    Layer 1

    Launch of the finest 3D Orthotic Insoles

    Category: Medical Devices

    The development of 3D printing has bought enormous benefits to the medical device industry, and PODFO is the world’s first truly dynamic 3D printed custom foot orthotics. Podfo insoles are unique to every individual and with over 60 different corrections available and a range of designs to choose from, Podfo are not only the most versatile custom insoles available but are also built to last.

  • Pet Food Brand launch

    Consumer - Pets

    Layer 1

    Pet Food Brand launch

    Category: Consumer - Pets

    We helped TV Vet Joe Inglis launch his exciting Vet’s Kitchen range of Pet Foods, supplements and treats. We established a presence firstly to the Grocery trade, whilst simultaneously introducing the brand at a wide range of County Fairs and Agricultural Shows, using Joe’s reputation to gain solid local and national press and broadcast coverage. With a USP of working closely with the veterinary experts at their in-house practice, Vet’s Klinic, the team have developed some of the best high-quality natural and functional pet foods available. They do this by following the five key values of the Vet’s Kitchens’ range, as identified by 2020PR.

    High-Quality and Professional – Supportive of Owners Needs – Affordable and Accessible – Supported by Genuine Experience from Vets and Pets – Honest and Transparent

  • HRH King Richard III

    Events, Pro Bono

    Layer 1

    HRH King Richard III

    Category: Events, Pro Bono

    As Belinda’s family was directly related to Lady Margaret Beaufort, and had privately attended a fund-raising dinner for the reinterment, she was able to offer Leicester Cathedral some pro bono strategic communications advice and assistance on the extraordinary and unique requirements of the Reinterment of His Late Majesty King Richard III. Belinda also attended the Reinterment Service.


    King Richard III – Making of the Tomb from Alex J. Wright on Vimeo.

© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018

They don’t just have an impressive collection of hats…….

These are just a few of the awesome team of regulars, freelancers and general good eggs who work with us at 2020PR

Belinda Boyd

Managing Director 

A motivated and experienced PR professional, Belinda has been successfully advising clients in a broad range of market sectors for over 20 years: from book launches to bookmakers; bracing to horseracing; cosmetics to biomechanics; gifts to glucosamine; hospitality to healthcare; jeans to joint care; pubs to publishers; restaurants to rock festivals; technology to travel.

“My job is one of best – every day brings new challenges and opportunities to meet and work with remarkable people and products.”

Nick Boyd

Chief Strategist 

Nick has been a soldier, an oil-rigger, banker, and a restaurateur. He has been a PLC director, advised on several start-ups and in his time has been involved with conpanies such as Hard Rock, Maxwells, The Rama Group, Leisure Investments, Lingfield Racecourse and Blue Square. His discretion, common-sense approach and focus on integrity across all his strategic communications have led to his advice being sought from a wide variety of connections on a wide range of diverse subjects. Nick’s core responsibility is the development of client strategies based on a detailed understanding of the brand’s DNA. Not only must those strategies consistently represent that ethos, but in the rapidly evolving environment of the 21st century, be both adaptable and agile.

Thom Sandberg

The real flavors of America 

Thom owns our US associate company, Kenyon 2 in Minneapolis. He has worked for the best, because he is the best.

© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018

© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018


Ivy House, Longcot, Oxfordshire, SN7 7TG


Office: +44 (0) 1793 780780


Nick Boyd: nickboyd@2020pr.com

Belinda Boyd: belindaboyd@2020pr.com

© 20-20 Public Relations Ltd 2018

Created the first Amateur Ladies Golf Championship of GB & Ireland

Negotiated new sponsored branding sites on all UK racecourses

Built the first social media dog show community site

Organised the first restaurant group to donate to Tickets for Troops

Managed the first charity launch within The Bank of England

Launched the first Glucosamine products in the UK

Supported London’s first Sumo Festival

Launched the first natural pet food stocked by a supermarket

Helped with the re-interment of HLM King Richard III

Supported our first client to win three Publican Awards

Arranged for six Olympic swimmers to swim the Channel

Have a client listed in the LSEG 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain


20-20 also founded the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust and Annual Award; The Racing to Help Charity Appeal and have provided pro bono services for a number of other charities when time permits.